Welcome to askeet Trac

Askeet an open-source software providing social Questions and Answers. It is built in PHP with the symfony framework. Check out the demo site at www.askeet.com.

Askeet is also the result of a 24 hours tutorial that was issued by the symfony project team in December 2005 and called symfony advent calendar.


To install askeet, you need PHP5, MySQL, Apache, and a SVN client.

Create an askeet directory, browse to it and type:

> svn co http://svn.askeet.com/trunk

The symfony framework will automatically be downloaded with the askeet application, as an external dependency.

Then, create an askeet database in your MySQL server, and set its dsn in the askeet/config/propel.ini file, as well as in the askeet/apps/frontend/config/databases.yml.

Create the database structure by calling:

> php symfony propel-insert-sql

Create a virtualhost pointing to the askeet/web directory in your httpd.conf:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName askeet.mysite.com
  DocumentRoot "/path/to/askeet/web"
  DirectoryIndex index.php
  Alias /sf "/path/to/askeet/lib/vendor/symfony/data/web/sf/"

  <Directory "/path/to/askeet/web" >
    AllowOverride All
    Allow from All

Restart apache, browse to askeet.mysite.com, and here you go.

In case of problem, try clearing the cache by calling

> php symfony clear-cache


Askeet has a comprehensive documentation in the symfony website, which explains how the application was built step-by-step.

Refer to the symfony advent calendar pages.

You can also browse the askeet source online.


If you want help, or if you want to exchange about this software, head to the dedicated forum in the symfony project website.

Tutorial translation

We have received several proposals to translate the askeet tutorials into other languages. We are very pleased about it, and we can send the Markdown version of the tutorials (easier to translate) to whoever would be interested in adding a new translation.

We can host the translations on the symfony website if you wish - just send us the Markdown translations and we will do it.

For every new translation request, please do a post in the askeet forum.

How to contact the askeet development team

Head for the symfony project website and look for Fabien's and Francois's email addresses in the contact page.

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